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We are a fun and relaxed physical therapy clinic looking to hire...

A Rockstar Marketing Assistant

If you enjoy:

- Text savy and looking to expand on your skills,

- Learning,

- Being creative and creating content to help educate, inform and entertain,

- Having a truly pivotal role in a company that helps people live active lifestyles,

This could be the perfect position for you!

We are looking for someone to help drive more business and improve brand awareness for Natural Fit Therapy, through marketing efforts so we can help more people to be healthy, active and independent.

Before we dive into roles and tasks, let me give a quick background on the company and why this position is going to be so important to it...

We started Natural Fit Therapy 2.5 years ago and have kept it small to maintain the quality we pride ourselves in providing to our clients, however, our demand has increased and we would like to expand our reach in the community which requires us to place some of those responsibilities into the hands of someone we trust, and someone who wants to grow with us...not only as a company, but as individuals and professionals.

You can find a little bit more about Natural Fit Therapy at

Natural Fit Therapy is a therapy company that specializes in helping older adults stay healthy, active, and independent...without pain pills or surgery.

We expect more wonderful and talented additions to the company over the years, which will only improve the culture and feel of our already fun and casual atmosphere.

Our clinic is built on the expectations that we provide the BEST overall experience, any client or patient has ever had with any healthcare company.

The person in this position will have just as big a role in making that happen as the therapists do...probably even bigger.

This is approximetely a 20-30 hour per week position.

(Possibility to be full time if willing to cross train to Front or Sales)

Here are the primary characteristics a candidate must have for this important role in our company:

  • Strong computer skills and ability to problem solve with multiple softwares.
  • Natural empathy and compassion for those in pain
  • Willingness to learn and implement feedback
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Fantastic organizational skills

And finally, you need to know your way around the computer very well. I don't mean you need to be able to code websites or anything...most of the technical/computer-based aspects of the job are easily trainable. What I'm saying is that I'll need someone who is relatively tech savvy so the training on various IT tasks goes smoothly and you are able to efficiently learn, navigate, and execute these tasks. Some of the sofewares we use are: Infusionsoft, Leadpages, Publisher, Canva, Facebook, Instragram.

Now, let's dive into the details of your duties and how you can apply for this position if you feel excited about this opportunity...

Regular Duties and Tasks Include:

  • Creating and scheduling social media posts (If you like social media, you’ll love this part of the job)
  • Folding and putting away laundry to be used by the therapy team
  • Occasional light cleaning of the office with the rest of the team (dusting, tidying up, vacuuming, etc)
  • Being pumped to have a job where people love you and value your presence everyday
  • Just being awesome in general and proactively thinking of things that could make a huge difference to the way the business runs
  • Being a grammar, spelling, and punctuation champion when sending and responding to emails
  • Create, manage and optimize content for Wheel of Engagement : Website, email, FB, post cards, flyers, workshops (repurposing materials) 
  • Create, manage and optimize Infusionsoft campaigns 
  • Point of contact for Newspaper Ads 
  • Create and update newspaper ads from previous used content (with approval from CMO) 
  • Design and Create Direct Mail Campaigns 
  • Design and create all flyers for events at all facilities 
  • Create, improve and optimize “shock and Awe”/ “Welcome Package” 
  • Create Testimonial Book/ Inserts 
  • Create Video Testimonials to be repurposed on other medias 
  • Manage all Online presence for NFT including but not limited to: 
  • Facebook, Instagram, website, yelp, google business listing, google 
  • Manage NFT Organic Social Media (emphasis on Facebook) 
  • Minimum of 2 blogs published per month 
  • Repurpose old content (videos from workshops, newsletters) 
  • Get new content from Ryan (CMO) as Needed 
  • Manage Virtual Assistant to leverage time 
  • Mix of Fun, Entertaining, Educating 
  • All NFT events (workshops, team parties, volunteer work, patient graduations, new promotions, etc.) Posted prior during and/or after events 
  • Create all landing pages as needed and insure integration with Infusionsoft 
  • Create Lead-quizzes as needed 
  • Work with Operations Manager and CEO to ensure marketing goals are reached 
  • Manage Google Ads Account 
  • Manage Paid Facebook ad campaigns 
  • Basic Video Editing- Outsource as needed 
  • Update Website with direction from CMO- upload blogs on a regular basis 
  • Update Manager Team on Marketing Metrics in Managers Meeting 
  • Update Team on Marketing Calendar and Metrics in staff meetings 
  • Design, create and manage delivery of Monthly Newsletter  
  • Identify New Opportunities for Marketing and lead generation 
  • Video Event and Workshops as needed 
  • Find, Coordinate and Participate in Community Events, Health Fairs and Booth Rentals 
  • Create Training Guides for all repeatable processes  

Thanks for reading this far! You're already showing some of the characteristics I'm looking for so if you’re interested in applying for this position, please click the Apply Now button below!

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